About Us


Chaao is a rice distributor affiliated with Sitto Seeds Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2012, Sitto is a rice seeds distributor that specializes in the research and development of advanced seed-breeding techniques. We have decades of experience in developing new rice strains and improving existing ones. Chaao is our newest brand that incorporates Sitto’s great-tasting and resilient rice strains into a rice product that people all over the world can enjoy.

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Chaao makes sure farmers who use our rice seeds can have a regular source of income. Rice farming in Thailand is extremely competitive and it can be hard for farmers to sell rice at a sustainable price. By distributing our own seeds to farmers and selling the rice they grow under the Chaao brand, we cut out the middlemen and help farmers earn the income they need to improve their lives.

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Our rice is a labor of love, from the caring hands of Thai farmers to your dinner table.

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The home-base of Chaao is located in the central Thailand in Suphanburi Province, where the soil is rich with minerals and the water aplenty. However, we have farmers working with us in different areas across Thailand depending on the rice strain. We picked the most suitable location for rice farming, in the foothills areas, where the soil is rich with minerals.