Chaao comes from the vision of rice expert and industry veteran San Booncharoen, who spent decades perfecting our signature Fragrant Rice. It is his goal to provide families across the world with the most delicious and nutritious rice from his home, Thailand.


Rice is the staple food consumed in many parts of the world, and has a special place at the dining table in countless households.

Our signature Fragrant Rice has a unique floral aroma, sweet nutty flavors, and a pleasant texture. By working closely alongside traditional rice farmers, we provide families around the world with great tasting and healthy rice grown in the mineral rich soils of the foothills of Thailand.



Thailand is one of the world's leaders in the farming, production, and export of rice. But many of Thailand’s rice farmers live in hard conditions and work under great pressure from big corporations. Chaao aims to improve the quality of life for these local farmers by working closely with them in the production process. By providing them with our rice seeds to farm with and buying the end product from them at price higher than the market, we give them a better livelihood than they can achieve with other partners. In doing so, everybody wins. The lives of our farmers steadily improve while we provide our customers with incredible tasting rice that reflects our values.


Every bag of Chaao premium rice has quality you can trust. We maintain meticulous standards for where our rice is grown. The soil must contain specific minerals to help rice absorb key nutrients and keep its luxurious texture. We know the exact history of every bag of rice, right down to its rice grower and the location where it was grown.

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That’s the trust you can place in us when it comes the rice on your family's dinner table.


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